Welcome to our hobby farm!

We have lived and worked on these 6 acres since 1992 and are quite a busy couple. Both of us have a farming background with a love of the soil and wood. Our hands can become quite dirty and messy as we raise a variety of fruits and vegetables for our own eating enjoyment. We work hard, eat healthy and sometimes forget to relax and play well. At time our baskets of produce are overflowing with plenty – enough to share.

Martha spends her time with cleaning and adding personal touches to the cabins, keeping the books for our different ventures and spending time with our grandchildren. We help each other with the maintenance of the cabins, our farm and the grounds. We are also involved with our local Mennonite church.

Clair and his sons have built upscale homes and have specialized in framing with exposed beam systems. Clair can cut the beams on his own sawmill located on the farm. That expertise was used in designing and building our cabins. We've used different species of wood for the floors, walls and ceilings. Most of the wood used in building the cabins have been cut on our sawmill. We are both lovers of wood and that love in reflected in our hand-built cabins.

We believe you'll enjoy coming home to the warmth and beauty of our cabins. While you are here please feel free to explore our grounds. Who knows, you may find us knee deep in some unfinished work.

We are open year-round, and our cabins are available for nightly, weekly, monthly, or short-term. We hope to see you soon.

Martha and Clair Steiner